Which Miner is Right for You?

Which Miner is Right for You?

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Which Miner is Right for You?

September 22, 2017


Saif Malik

When finding a cryptocurrency miner it is important that an individual uses a trusted company to buy a bitcoin miner due to a lot of fakes and unreliable machines in the market. This is exactly what we provide at the Hedge coin group, we are specialists in the sale of cryptocurrency miners and provide the most efficient and effective miners in the market ensuring our customers can retain profitability whilst paying reasonable prices for our miners.

So lets take a look at some of our products on offer!

S9 miner

The S9 miner is one of the most powerful miners available on the market with 15 TH, only using 1350 W of electricity. It is one of the most profitable miners on the market today, taking into account the continues rise of Bitcoins, the S9 miner will likely stay profitable for years to come. Making it one of the safest and most profitable investments for bitcoin miners. At only $2800, available from the Hedge coin group it is considered to be an absolute margin. Under right market conditions, the S9 miner can provide a ROI within a few months. This makes it one of the most popular miners in the market today.

L3+ miner

The L3 miner is an extremely powerful miner and more importantly one of the most efficient miners in terms of electricity costs in the market. By only using 800 W’s of electricity and 504 MH’s, it is a extremely powerful miner which uses minimal electricity costs. Not only that the L3+ miners are extremely light and portable making them more accessible at different locations. According to 99 Bitcoins, only in July a L3 miner could produce 3.5 litecoins per week! Making it an extrmely profitable miner.

D3 miner

The D3 miner was released in 2017 by Bitmain, the D3 miners ROI is extremely attractive considering Dashcoin miners can expect to make a return on their investment in about a months time, taking into account market conditions and prices. This makes the D3 miner a safe and lucrative investment and makes it one of the most popular miners sold.

E9 miner

The E9 miner has low power usage and a high hash rate making it a profitable miner. Despite it only costing $1800 it has a 9 TH hash rate and only uses 1305 W of power, considering its price, the E9 miner is value for money. It uses heat-sink technology to ensure that the miner can run 24/7 making the shell material a lot more robust then other miners. Making it highly desirable for global miners and enabling them to mine anywhere in the World.

For more information on our miners, please visit https://www.thehedgecoingroup.com/products

All prices based on purchasing 1 unit. Discounts available for bulk orders and payments in crypto.