UPFIRING (UFR) – Incentivised p2p sharing

UPFIRING (UFR) – Incentivised p2p sharing

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Please raise your (virtual) hand if you at least once in your life used any peer-to-peer network to download a movie or a music album. The idea of having another p2p project on the market might not be particularly appealing to most of the consumers. So, what is so unique behind the concept of UPFIRING that may make you want to reconsider the idea of supporting decentralized P2P?

With so many ways of sharing files out there, UPFIRING might be providing something that no other p2p platform is capable of so far – financial incentive. As of today, most of the torrent trackers, both private and the public ones, do not really offer any form of financial reward to their users other than higher transfer limits for those with satisfactory download to upload ratios. In order to encourage seeding, trackers developed systems of control, limiting download speeds of users who immediately delete file from the torrent client upon download, preventing thus further seeding of the content. This selfish practice known as leeching prevents content from being efficiently and evenly distributed over the network. UPFIRING concept of financial incentive might be able to reduce the problem of poor share ratio as participants will be rewarded UFR tokens based on the amount of content seeded. The tokens can be then used to download content from other users or can be transferred to exchanges to be converted into other currencies such as BTC or ETH. This idea partially resembles the mechanism used by private torrent trackers which users may join for a small fixed fee. Those trackers frequently professionally managed offer way higher quality of seeds as well as latest content often times not available on public servers.

Yet another reason to consider UPFIRING as a direct competitor to the torrent network is the anonymity based on the system of smart contracts ensuring that each and every download/upload transaction is encrypted. That may prevent unexpected visits of the law enforcement units at 5am in the morning to confiscate your computer alongside terabytes of illegally downloaded videos of your favourite cats and ponies. Fully encrypted and untraceable p2p network might be a game changer in the world of peer-to-peer file sharing and provided that the developers deliver on what is being promised in their whitepaper, UPFIRING is a guaranteed moonshot in 2018.

Looking at UFR’s current market position, it is very clear that this barely 3 months old token is about to go on a bullish run during next couple weeks. The price has already increased by 5000% in last two weeks and $22mln total market capitalization offers enough room for another 5000% in a short perspective. The idea behind the project definitely deserves top 30 and provided the technology is successfully delivered, UPFIRING can easily compete with the top coins in the future.

There might be a short period of a short consolidation after the bullish run UFR has undertaken recently so it might be a good entry point for you to invest and not miss out on this opportunity. 

In conclusion, including a financial incentive and user anonymity might be a game changer to the system of online file sharing. UPFIRING seems to be able to fill in this niche and offer users with not only financial reward for the access to their long-hoarded library of files but also security and anonymity that has very often been a deterrent preventing masses from openly sharing their library contents. Also, most importantly, it is not too late to invest in UFR and the current reward for supporting the project at early stage is most likely going to offer very satisfactory returns.