TRX, VEN, XRP Outlook

TRX, VEN, XRP Outlook

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As the Bitcoin gains in popularity and is seen as a “gateway” for alt-coins due to it being used as one of the main currencies to purchase them, this in turn has fueled the rise of alt-coins themselves. We have seen alt-coins increase in value by a few hundred percent in a few days, thus making them extremely profitable albeit risky investments. One such recent example would be IOTA, a cryptocurrency which increased a a few hundred percent in a matter of 3 days after it was allegedly announced that Microsoft would be working with them as partners on their digital marketplace. So which currencies are the next big potential gainers, keep in mind all advice is our own and we at The Hedge Coin Group take no responsibility for any gains or losses as this is simply our opinion.


TRX is the latest of such alt-coins that holds a lot of potential. TRX is a coin that is in the planning stages on being used in the global digital entertainment industry, helping facilitate trades and transactions for global companies, particularly issues companies faced when buying products and services from other Nations. Before if customers from China where banking services use unionpay wanted to buy products from lets say customers in the U.S which mainly use visa, it would be an issue and customers would possibly have to open new Bank accounts to facilitate the transactions, making a simple transaction a complicated procedure. TRX enables users to easily and directly make an international purchase. Furthermore TRX can also provide information about potential traders such as acquisition data, spending stored on the blockchain and other information, with such information being available using TRON apps. Thus giving much needed transparency when you don’t really know the seller or the buyer.

VeChain (VEN)

VeCHain is a more matured coin, its purpose is to build a trust-free and distributed transaction system that can enable both transparency and information flow at high speeds and have the ability to do it with great volumes, VeChain has been around for a few years now and despite initially rising in price it has somewhat stagnated. But that maybe all about to change with VeChain allegedly getting a “major exchange listing” at the end of this December. One can only hope this could lead to a further price increase and inject new life into the coin itself.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is promising coin that was made to address issues Bitcoin had with transaction costs at times and also transaction times. By comparison the Bitcoin can only do approximately 16 transactions with them taking about 45 minutes to reach their destination, however Ripple itself can do 1,5000 transactions at roughly the cost of 0.0004 per transaction and send these funds in just over 3 seconds. Despite ripple being an older coin, its value has increased by 300% just this month alone with analysts predicting further price increases for the coin in the long term.


To conclude here at The Hedge Coin Group we recommend 3 coins for investment purposes which are solely our opinion and individuals can take our advice at their own risk. If users are looking for a relatively new coin, we would recommend TRON as it is yet to experience its major price spike should it come and is considered more of a high risk investment. Furthermore if users are looking to invest in an older coin we would recommend VeChain in particular due to potentially being launched on a major exchange, which is usually followed by a major price increase. Lastly Ripple is more of a long term investment in our opinion due to it taking over functions the Bitcoin was initial built for. With the Bitcoin now being considered as a “digital gold” by most people, Ripple is beginning to take over its customer base who wish to use a coin similar to the Bitcoin with a lot less transaction costs attached at a faster speed.