The Upcoming BTC Rollercoaster

It appears Bitcoin may go through a "roller coaster" phase with high volatility likely coming up. This is due to several factors, but one of the main factors are the hard forks coming up with Bitcoin Gold and Segwit2x taking center stage. In addition to this many countries have [...]

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Common Sense and the Bitcoin

Despite Russia gearing up for its own regulations on ICO's and cryptocurrencies, its first deputy foreign minister Igor Shuvalov has promised not to let regulations seriously impact ICO's and still enable them to function within the country. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has also stated that ICO's hold a lot [...]

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Sweden Accepts Bitcoin to Pay Off Debt

The Swedish Enforcement authority has settled its first debt using the Bitcoin. This is the first time ever the authority has accepted the Bitcoin as a for of currency that can be used to settle and pay off debts owed to the state of Sweden. Not only that individuals [...]

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Vanuatu Sells Passport for 42 Bitcoins, More Countries Move Toward Full Adoption

A few days ago Vanatu, a small island Nation enabled people to use Bitcoins to get on board with their citizenship program. An individual would have to pay approximately 50 Bitcoins (today's value) to start with the program. This is major news given that Vanatu's citizenship is highly sought [...]

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