Bitcoin Futures and Their Implications

Bitcoin critics and enthusiasts have both had a lot to say in terms of their opinion with regards to Bitcoin futures being launched by Cboe and CME. Enthusiasts have proclaimed future contracts will transform the Bitcoin by placing it on a fast track lane to full adaptation by financial institutes [...]

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J.P. Morgan Flips Once Again, Backs Bitcoin as Gold

Bitcoin has had its fair share of critics but quite possibly the most well known and stern critic has been Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan who called the coin an outright "fraud" and labeled as being worse than the tulip crisis when the price of tulips increased a few [...]

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Recap of IOTA so Far

Digital currencies have had a marvelous year in 2017 with Bitcoin being one of the biggest winners rising by more than a 1000% this year alone. Bitcoin's success is largely due to the fact it has actual real life uses and applications, in particular it is used as a safe [...]

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Bitcoin is $10,000. 2017 Recap.

History of 2017 prices Bitcoin started off this year with the price of just under $1,000 with January being a very uncertain time for the Bitcoin due to the lack of adaptation of the Bitcoin by financial institutes. Governments added fuel to the fire by voicing negative opinions about a [...]

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JPMorgan’s CEO Dimon Exploring Bitcoin Investment Opportunities

JP Morgan's CEO Jamie Dimon was one of Bitcoins most prominent and powerful critics, with him going as far as predicting a Bitcoin collapse, from calling it a bubble to an outright fraud and threatened to fire anyone who deals and handles Bitcoins. However now according to the Wall Street [...]

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Bitcoin’s Price Surges, Lack of Impact by Chinese Regulations

The latest of the hundreds of doomsday scenarios for the Bitcoin was short lived, a lot shorter than most analysts and even Bitcoin stakeholders had expected. It all started on the 11th of January when the Chinese Government ordered a review of Bitcoin exchanges in an effort to curtail [...]

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Goldman Sachs Eyes Bitcoin

The CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein wrote a tweet suggesting that the Bitcoin maybe leading the next revolution in terms of traceable currency stating that he neither supported nor rejected the Bitcoin and reminded people that people were skeptical of paper currency when it displaced gold. Someone like [...]

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The JPMorgan Chronicles

As Bitcoins price recovers at a lot faster pace than expected, partly thanks to the fact that JPMorgans brokerage has dealt and continues to trade Bitcoins. Which is quite hypocritical considering CEO of JPMorgan Dimon called the coin "fradualent" and threatned to fire anyone who deals with Bitcoins. The timing [...]

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Bitcoin – Tulips & Trouble or Triumph?

As Wall Street and big names in investment begin to embrace bitcoins, such as Fundstrat's Tom Lee, CEO of Ritholtz Josh Brow and many other names in Wall Street embracing and reportedly owning Bitcoins, it is no wonder that the value of a Bitcoin continues to ride a bullish [...]

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