Is Bitcoin a “Speculative Asset”?

Out of all the criticisms the Bitcoin has faced, the most popular criticism that we usually see is with regards to the Bitcoin being called a "speculative bubble" that is "waiting to burst". Despite these rumors being around for years and such rumors and doomsday scenarios time and time [...]

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Indians Eye Bitcoin in the War Against Illicit Cash

It wasn't long ago when India moved to eliminate its 500 and 1000 Indian Rupee bills in a move to curb "illegal money" gained through tax fraud, corruption, criminal activity and so forth. Such a move bought much of the economy at a stand still and bought major pressure [...]

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Vanuatu Sells Passport for 42 Bitcoins, More Countries Move Toward Full Adoption

A few days ago Vanatu, a small island Nation enabled people to use Bitcoins to get on board with their citizenship program. An individual would have to pay approximately 50 Bitcoins (today's value) to start with the program. This is major news given that Vanatu's citizenship is highly sought [...]

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Goldman Sachs Eyes Bitcoin

The CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein wrote a tweet suggesting that the Bitcoin maybe leading the next revolution in terms of traceable currency stating that he neither supported nor rejected the Bitcoin and reminded people that people were skeptical of paper currency when it displaced gold. Someone like [...]

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The New Era of Bitcoin Investors

Bitcoin initially started of something as a "hip" currency for people to get away from Government controlled and regulated currencies and it addressed privacy concerns individuals had about the Government monitoring cash flow. However in recent times it has dramatically changed, with it now being a recognized currency in [...]

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