Belarus Maybe the Latest Nation to Deregulate the Bitcoin

Despite earlier this year, China which is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies markets in World announced regulations against cryptocurrencies which sent shockwaves around the cryptocurrency World and lead to Bitcoin pessimists crawling out of their caves and showing their ugly heads once more which in turn caused the price to [...]

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NEO Set to Explode This Week; Chinese Authorities May Allow ICO’s Based on NEO

Background As the China Government regulations take hold in the cryptocurrency World, largely fueled by the outrage of lack of consumer protection measures which has led to criminals trying to take advantage, from fraudulent investment schemes to pyramid schemes and numerous other financial crimes. Such crimes have been largely fueled [...]

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Alternative to Regulations & ICO’s Crime

ICO's and the "crime problem" Initial coin offerings (ICO's) are a relatively new concept in the cryptocurrency market. They were initially and primarily used as a way for businesses to raise funds in a very quick manner. However as time went on, they were used more and more prominently [...]

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Common Sense and the Bitcoin

Despite Russia gearing up for its own regulations on ICO's and cryptocurrencies, its first deputy foreign minister Igor Shuvalov has promised not to let regulations seriously impact ICO's and still enable them to function within the country. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has also stated that ICO's hold a lot [...]

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If Regulations Are Not The Way? Then What Is? Ask FINMA

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in its latest efforts to crack down on cryptocurrencies fraud, it had shut down a fake fraudulent racket which provided fake currencies to its user. This racket defrauded users up to $4.2 million from many of its user but were able to [...]

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US Moves to Regulate ICO’s

The Untied States Security and exchange commission (SEC) will be meeting on October the 12th to discuss possible regulations to be placed on ICO's. But can regulations placed on ICO's (Initial coin offerings) impact or affect the Bitcoin at all? When China banned ICO's in September this year, the [...]

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