Crypto Massacre – Bloody Tuesday

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular alt-coins have recently in the last week began to drop in value but many are left wondering why? First and foremost the drop in value was initially triggered by an alleged announcement by the Chinese authorities that they may target Bitcoin mining and other sectors related [...]

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Bitcoin: The SegWit2x Conspiracy

Introduction With the not so surprising announcement that the SegWit2x (B2X) fork has been cancelled, many are left wondering why did developers at SegWit2x put in the effort in the first place to try and launch the hard fork? What was the point or purpose of cancelling it? Well their [...]

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Bitcoin Surpases The $7000 Mark, 2017 UP 500%

Bitcoin continues to impress as it reaches yet another milestone, surpassing the $7000 mark. Many analysts did not expect it to reach such new heights when taking into consideration the upcoming hardfork, most people expected some sort of a drop. However Bitcoin has proven to be more resliant, as [...]

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Bitcoin’s Price Surges, Lack of Impact by Chinese Regulations

The latest of the hundreds of doomsday scenarios for the Bitcoin was short lived, a lot shorter than most analysts and even Bitcoin stakeholders had expected. It all started on the 11th of January when the Chinese Government ordered a review of Bitcoin exchanges in an effort to curtail [...]

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The Bitcoin & the F.U.D Factor

Bitcoin is a currency that is free from the trends of the global world or individual nations, this is what makes the Bitcoin unique but it also means Bitcoin is more vulnerable to the "F.U.D factor" which stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt. The F.U.D factor is largely an [...]

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