Bitcoin Lightning Network

Despite several Bitcoin forks having been released recently from Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin diamond and Super Bitcoin, it appears another hardfork is on the horizon, this time it's Lightning Bitcoin. Each of the forked coins have their own uses and specific purpose, with the Lightning Bitcoin's purpose being to [...]

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How to Claim Your Free B2X

Background information With the upcoming Bitcoin2x (B2X) hard fork taking place in a weeks time, many are left wondering what will happen, how to deal with it and most importantly how an individual can profit from the hardfork. Such a hardfork was introduced by Dr. Pieter Wullie who formulated [...]

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SegWit2x Hard Fork is Called Off

Background SegWit2x was a hardfork planned to take place in a weeks time that could have seen the Bitcoin blockchain split into two seperate blockchains. The SegWit2x fork would have seen the blockchain size increase from 1 MB to roughly 4 MB's whilst also separating the digital signal and [...]

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B2X & BCG are Doomed to Fail and This is Why

B2X with Bitcoin Gold are both hard forks that will launch in 2 weeks time, such hard forks fueled fears within the community that such a move could lead to a split. Initially the implications were obvious and such a move stoked fears for a period of time that [...]

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Bitcoin Surpasses $6300; Weekly Analysis

The Bitcoin rocket continues to fly into U chartered territory as its volume grows, so does its price! Now that it has reached the $6300+ mark and with no signs of stopping, many are left wondering when the Bitcoin will makes its next pit stop. This is despite the [...]

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The Upcoming BTC Rollercoaster

It appears Bitcoin may go through a "roller coaster" phase with high volatility likely coming up. This is due to several factors, but one of the main factors are the hard forks coming up with Bitcoin Gold and Segwit2x taking center stage. In addition to this many countries have [...]

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Where Will Bitcoin Bottom Out on the Upcoming Fork?

As the hard fork approaches many are left wondering what impact it will have on the Bitcoin, either long term or short term? The answer isn't simple and straight forward and there are many different scenarios at play that may impact the Bitcoin and its price in the short [...]

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Dealing with the Bitcoin Forks

Background Information The Bitcoin network is planning to undergo to forks at this point in time, one of the forks is called Bitcoin Gold which is due to take place on October 25th but will most likely go live early November and the other one is called Segwit2x which [...]

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