South Korea Saga Appears to be Ending, Bitcoin Comes Out on Top

South Korea had announced plans to control and regulate the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with one such option being considered was a ban on the trade of cryptocurrencies themselves. However after much deliberation and drama which saw a senior South Korean official being outed for insider trading with regards to [...]

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Crypto Massacre – Bloody Tuesday

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular alt-coins have recently in the last week began to drop in value but many are left wondering why? First and foremost the drop in value was initially triggered by an alleged announcement by the Chinese authorities that they may target Bitcoin mining and other sectors related [...]

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Belarus Maybe the Latest Nation to Deregulate the Bitcoin

Despite earlier this year, China which is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies markets in World announced regulations against cryptocurrencies which sent shockwaves around the cryptocurrency World and lead to Bitcoin pessimists crawling out of their caves and showing their ugly heads once more which in turn caused the price to [...]

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NEO Set to Explode This Week; Chinese Authorities May Allow ICO’s Based on NEO

Background As the China Government regulations take hold in the cryptocurrency World, largely fueled by the outrage of lack of consumer protection measures which has led to criminals trying to take advantage, from fraudulent investment schemes to pyramid schemes and numerous other financial crimes. Such crimes have been largely fueled [...]

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Chinese Exchanges Launch Contingency Plan

For those of us who keep up with Bitcoin news, we must have all heard about the Chinese exchanges being regulated in September which rocked the Bitcoin boat, but not as much as many investors expected it to. One reason for this is the Chinese exchanges softened the blow [...]

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Bitcoin Surpases The $7000 Mark, 2017 UP 500%

Bitcoin continues to impress as it reaches yet another milestone, surpassing the $7000 mark. Many analysts did not expect it to reach such new heights when taking into consideration the upcoming hardfork, most people expected some sort of a drop. However Bitcoin has proven to be more resliant, as [...]

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Bitcoin moves from China to friendlier territories

As China regulations take hold, the United States Dollar, Japanese Yen and Korean Won now account for approximately 90% of Bitcoin trading on exchangesand the Chinese Yuan only accounting for about 1% of the Bitcoins traded, compared to before the regulations when it accounted for about 13% of the [...]

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Indians Eye Bitcoin in the War Against Illicit Cash

It wasn't long ago when India moved to eliminate its 500 and 1000 Indian Rupee bills in a move to curb "illegal money" gained through tax fraud, corruption, criminal activity and so forth. Such a move bought much of the economy at a stand still and bought major pressure [...]

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China Making Their Own National Coin

Although China maybe looking to regulate cryptocurrencies and may not see Bitcoin as a currency that it recognizes. However the People's Bank of China appears to recognize be potential of the Bitcoin and wishes to create its own alternative. The PBOC (People's Bank of China) stated at the International [...]

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Bitcoin’s Price Surges, Lack of Impact by Chinese Regulations

The latest of the hundreds of doomsday scenarios for the Bitcoin was short lived, a lot shorter than most analysts and even Bitcoin stakeholders had expected. It all started on the 11th of January when the Chinese Government ordered a review of Bitcoin exchanges in an effort to curtail [...]

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