SegWit2x Hard Fork is Called Off

Background SegWit2x was a hardfork planned to take place in a weeks time that could have seen the Bitcoin blockchain split into two seperate blockchains. The SegWit2x fork would have seen the blockchain size increase from 1 MB to roughly 4 MB's whilst also separating the digital signal and [...]

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B2X & BCG are Doomed to Fail and This is Why

B2X with Bitcoin Gold are both hard forks that will launch in 2 weeks time, such hard forks fueled fears within the community that such a move could lead to a split. Initially the implications were obvious and such a move stoked fears for a period of time that [...]

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Is Bitcoin a Tool for Crime?

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that provides its users with not only convenient and speedy transactions but also provides something almost all other forms of currency can not provide and that is anonymity. Which along with its use of blockchain technology is what makes the Bitcoin so popular. [...]

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Australia Kills Crypto’s Double Tax

Back in December 2014, Australian law stated Bitcoin is an "intangible property" and thus was taxed twice, once by goods and services tax and also taxed due to the digital currency being used in an transaction. So essentially those who traded or invested in Bitcoins were taxed twice. Despite [...]

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China Making Their Own National Coin

Although China maybe looking to regulate cryptocurrencies and may not see Bitcoin as a currency that it recognizes. However the People's Bank of China appears to recognize be potential of the Bitcoin and wishes to create its own alternative. The PBOC (People's Bank of China) stated at the International [...]

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Sweden Accepts Bitcoin to Pay Off Debt

The Swedish Enforcement authority has settled its first debt using the Bitcoin. This is the first time ever the authority has accepted the Bitcoin as a for of currency that can be used to settle and pay off debts owed to the state of Sweden. Not only that individuals [...]

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Vanuatu Sells Passport for 42 Bitcoins, More Countries Move Toward Full Adoption

A few days ago Vanatu, a small island Nation enabled people to use Bitcoins to get on board with their citizenship program. An individual would have to pay approximately 50 Bitcoins (today's value) to start with the program. This is major news given that Vanatu's citizenship is highly sought [...]

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Goldman Sachs Eyes Bitcoin

The CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein wrote a tweet suggesting that the Bitcoin maybe leading the next revolution in terms of traceable currency stating that he neither supported nor rejected the Bitcoin and reminded people that people were skeptical of paper currency when it displaced gold. Someone like [...]

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Blockchain Next Steps

Blockchain technology has made great leaps in the financial sector and has outperformed most analysts expectations, but the potential we are seeing now is just the tip of the ice-berg. The next phase of blockchain technology is businesses adopting such technology to make financial transactions easy, safe, convenient and [...]

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If Regulations Are Not The Way? Then What Is? Ask FINMA

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in its latest efforts to crack down on cryptocurrencies fraud, it had shut down a fake fraudulent racket which provided fake currencies to its user. This racket defrauded users up to $4.2 million from many of its user but were able to [...]

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