BTC $7900; BCH Sub $1000

Background As the drama appears to be coming to a close with the Bitcoin strongly and firmly in bullish territory and almost completely recovering to its original price. The drama started when the SegWit2x fork was cancelled which fueled a massive misinformation campaign from China banning Bitcoin mining to the [...]

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Bitcoin Price Analysis — November 16th

Introduction As the current drama comes to a close and with the plan to replace the Bitcoin not going as planned by the plotters. One has to wonder exactly where the Bitcoin will end up next in terms of price? Well, with the Bitcoin cash rally losing bullish momentum and [...]

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Bitcoin Cash Operation 1337: LEAKED E-MAIL! Collusion and Manipulation

Introduction With the SegWit2x drama continuing and rumors and theories as to what exactly happened, how it happened and why did it happen, The Hedge Coin Group has unearthed an explosive e-mail that may shed light. The drama started when the SegWit2x hard fork was announced to fix the Bitcoin [...]

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Bitcoin: The SegWit2x Conspiracy

Introduction With the not so surprising announcement that the SegWit2x (B2X) fork has been cancelled, many are left wondering why did developers at SegWit2x put in the effort in the first place to try and launch the hard fork? What was the point or purpose of cancelling it? Well their [...]

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How to Claim Your Free B2X

Background information With the upcoming Bitcoin2x (B2X) hard fork taking place in a weeks time, many are left wondering what will happen, how to deal with it and most importantly how an individual can profit from the hardfork. Such a hardfork was introduced by Dr. Pieter Wullie who formulated [...]

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SegWit2x Hard Fork is Called Off

Background SegWit2x was a hardfork planned to take place in a weeks time that could have seen the Bitcoin blockchain split into two seperate blockchains. The SegWit2x fork would have seen the blockchain size increase from 1 MB to roughly 4 MB's whilst also separating the digital signal and [...]

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