Crypto Massacre – Bloody Tuesday

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular alt-coins have recently in the last week began to drop in value but many are left wondering why? First and foremost the drop in value was initially triggered by an alleged announcement by the Chinese authorities that they may target Bitcoin mining and other sectors related [...]

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World’s Largest Options Exchange Lists Bitcoin, Bitcoin Propelling to go Mainstream

Bitcoin has propelled itself to go mainstream, which majority of such implementation to take place in the next few years. However Bitcoin's futures have already been implemented with Chicago Board Option Exchanged (CBOE) launching their futures exchange last week. There is more good news this week for Bitcoin futures with [...]

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What Venezuela’s State Backed Cryptocurrency Can Teach Us

Venezuela has been hit by an economic crisis ever since the USA declared sanctions on the country due to it allegedly trading with Iran in 2011 and ever since the 2013 presidential elections in which some international observers deemed them as being "unfair" among claims of voter fraud and election [...]

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NEO Set to Explode This Week; Chinese Authorities May Allow ICO’s Based on NEO

Background As the China Government regulations take hold in the cryptocurrency World, largely fueled by the outrage of lack of consumer protection measures which has led to criminals trying to take advantage, from fraudulent investment schemes to pyramid schemes and numerous other financial crimes. Such crimes have been largely fueled [...]

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Which Miner is Right for You?

Which Miner is Right for You? September 22, 2017 | Saif Malik When finding a cryptocurrency miner it is important that an individual uses a trusted company to buy a bitcoin miner due to a lot of fakes and unreliable machines in the market. This is exactly what we [...]

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Why Mining is Still a Good Investment

Long gone are the days when Bitcoins could be mined from a regular desktop computer. Now one has to buy a specialized Bitcoin miner in order to mine bitcoins and join a pool of miners to be able to generate enough power to produce a coin. But we have [...]

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