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18T, 145W/T

*contact us for prices and availability*


14T, 145W/T

*contact us for prices and availability*


14 TH/s or 13.5 TH/s

1350 W

*contact us for prices and availability*


504 MH/s

800 W

*contact us for prices and availability*


15 GH/s

1200 W

*contact us for prices and availability*


9 TH/s

1305 W

*contact us for prices and availability*


asics are not easy to find, i like the service

Andrea S.

Great communication, great support, very knowledgable,

Luis S.

Quick communication. All issues were dealt with promptly. Shipping to Wisconsin took 12 days. Will be back for hosting later. Thanks.

Michael S.

Nice service.Good price’s.


Great customer service and prices. 9 days from order to receiving the S9s in the USA. Would recommend.

Rick B.


​Update December 5th, 2017: Due to miner prices increasing dramatically by the day, we have taken prices off the website to avoid confusion. Please Contact Us for current prices.

PSU and shipping NOT included.

Prices subject to change every 24 hours.

Please contact THCG for prices and availability,

Used and new are both available.

Bulk discounts are available. Email us for more info.

Different batches and delivery times determine prices.

Your quote will only be valid for 24 hours or until payment is completed, whichever first.

THCG Store has other models available, for October and November, but quantity is limited if you want them sooner than the specified shipping date.

We now accept all Cryptocurrencies.

If you want to pay via crypto, you will receive 5% off. Please email us and we will instruct you on how to pay and which coins we can accept at any given time.

Any questions at all, please contact us.