Why Mining is Still a Good Investment

Why Mining is Still a Good Investment

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Long gone are the days when Bitcoins could be mined from a regular desktop computer. Now one has to buy a specialized Bitcoin miner in order to mine bitcoins and join a pool of miners to be able to generate enough power to produce a coin.

But we have to ask, are Bitcoin miners a safe investment? Can we make a return on our investment? The answer to these following questions is simple, yes Bitcoin miners are a safe investment.

Considering the 2008 global crisis, where thousands of people lost their pensions, savings and investment due to the global economy taking a hit. Many people now have began to look for alternative investments that are safe and provide a good ROI (return on investment).

One solution is the Bitcoin which didn’t really suffer the same fate as traditional forms of investment. This is because the price of a Bitcoin is not reliant on a single economy and is affected a lot less by the global economy than traditional currencies.

Taking into account these factors, why should someone invest in a mining operation as opposed to an investment bank or a hedge fund which have had more regulations placed on them following the 2008 crisis? Simple, Bitcoins ROI (Return on investment) is a lot higher then more traditional forms of investment. Seem as this year alone, the value of a Bitcoin has increased by a few hundred percent.

In late 2016 Saad Asad from 99bitcoins projected the price of bitcoins could reach the $1600 mark in 2017, he was off by a few thousand dollars as the price reached $5000 instead. Especially considering this estimate was seen as being exegerated by many analysts, all of whom were proven wrong, shows that the real return on investment is difficult to calculate because the Bitcoin has continuesly beaten expectaions.

Tim Daper a Bitcoins VC has predicted that the price of a Bitcoin may reach $10,000 by 2018. So what does all this have to do with mining? Well, it’s simple, it proves that Bitcoin is a safe investment with an exceptional return on investment.

By mining Bitcoins, you simply set yourself up and let the mine keep mining and once you have a few bitcoins simply sell them and do it over again. Thanks to continuesly improving technology and more powerful miners, an investor can expect a return on investment in less then a year as prices continue to stay stable. If the price increases, as it usually does with bitcoins, an investor could expect a return on investment a lot sooner.

By looking at all these factors, it is safe to say a Bitcoin miner is an attractive investment and an investment that is free from global news and downturns has fueled Bitcoin mining. Going from a decentralized operation to seeing multimillion dollar mines all across the world, particularly in China. Due to three simple reasons, safety, accessibility and a high return on investment, making mining more and more appealing.