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THCG is partnered with cryptocurrency mining farms in China, Mongolia and The United States. If you need a place to mine without the hassle of setting up an industrial scale operation, THCG will manage your hardware for you. No matter if you have invested in your first 10 miners, or you are a seasoned veteran with 5000, we have a place for you. THCG offers competitive electricity prices and does not require any service or management fees. We strive to offer the best miner placement service in the world, with complete transparency and no hidden costs. Let us do the work for you.

What We Offer

  • Electricity from $0.065/kwh
  • 0 Set up fees when you buy miners from us
  • 0 Maintenance fees*
  • 99.5% up time
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • 150 MW infrastructure power capacity with plans to expand in 2018
  • Minimum of 100 miners to qualify for our hosting service
  • 100% Transparency

How to Start​

  • Take a look at our Products page and choose the miner you want
  • Contact us by email or skype to inquire about availability and prices, or book a Introductory Meeting for Miner Hosting via our Services page.
  • Purchase your miner, or ship us your existing miners
  • Receive updates about your miner set up status
  • Sign a hosting agreement contract that lays our all the terms transparently
  • Provide us with your mining pool and connect your wallet
  • Start mining

Our Advantage

  • Average yearly temperature of our farms is 0 degrees Celcius
  • 80% of the year, no extra power is required for cooling
  • Best uptime, in Asia
  • Prices for miners are usually cheaper in Asia than North America or Europe
  • Buy in Asia, leave in Asia. No need for high shipping costs or import taxes to your country
  • 100% transparent
  • Can schedule a farm tour, after you are a client.

How to Pay your Electricity Bill

  • At the end of the month your electricity bill is due
  • We accept BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH (ask for more)
  • Your bill is a flat rate and will be calculated as follows: (machine KW) * (24hrs) * (31 days) * (electricity price) * (number of miners) = total electricity due

*If purchased hardware from THCG, otherwise the set up fee is $50.



  • 100 Miners
  • $0 Maintenance Fees
  • $0 Set Up Fees


  • 500 Miners
  • $0 Maintenance Fees
  • $0 Set Up Fees


  • 1000 Miners
  • $0 Maintenance Fees
  • $0 Set Up Fees


  • 5000 Miners
  • $0 Maintenance Fees
  • $0 Set Up Fees


  • 10000 Miners
  • $0 Maintenance Fees
  • $0 Set Up Fees


  • 100000 Miners
  • $0 Maintenance Fees
  • $0 Set Up Fees
Sample Hosting Agreement