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The Hedge Coin Group

The Hedge Coin Group is a global market leader in the cryptocurrency market, holding one of the largest crypto portfolios in Asia. Our interests include crypto, real estate, mining and private equity with the core focus being placed on safe, high quality and long term investments. We deal with numerous different crypto and non-crypto based business activities ranging from consultancy, management and sale of assets. Aside from our crypto-based portfolio being one of the largest in Asia, we are also one of the largest crypto-mining related products distributors in China. Furthermore our portfolio includes a market-leading farm based around several locations in Asia, investment properties, media and communications and one of the largest pure-play renewable power businesses which includes more than 200 hydroelectric facilities, along with various other interests ranging from leading business services and industrial companies. Thus in turn ensuring safe and viable long term investments which are critical for the global economy.

Our journey started in 2011 from the very bottom with the group being involved in asset management by investing their own individual capital to develop the portfolio which in turn gave the group priceless expertise in emerging markets, investment based assets and most importantly in crypto-related investments. Priceless experience and expertise had fueled the growth of the group as we were only focused only on high quality and sustainable assets and this in turn made us a market leader in the field.

This in turn has put us in a unique position as our various business interests have enabled us to have vast amounts of liquidity which has further allowed us to grow at a fast and sustainable pace. Our interests coincide with our investors as we are not only portfolio managers but investors in our portfolios too. Because we believe in every investment, we also put our capital in every endeavour we undertake. Every decision that is made is only made after all the risks and rewards are calculated, significant research is done, expertise is available in the field and finally everything is double checked by our team before we go ahead or make a decision. Every investment we make we ensure we take an active role in ensuring the full potential of a certain project is reached.

So thus thanks to our global team we do have expertise in various fields as we have learned over time that the best opportunities are not always found in traditional market sectors where capital is in abundance but in markets or locations where capital is scarce and opportunities are many.

Thanks to our team being based globally opportunities in such markets are easy to come by, which enables us to have a unique market strategy as we are able to utilize our global team and employees to find such assets in markets where capital is scarce which has enabled us to acquire such assets at favorable prices that offer long term and sustainable returns.

Finally due to our unique advantage of being able to purchase assets in emerging markets that form the backbone of the global economy and because of our globalized business structure and group, we are finally able to then take an active role and steer our assets towards our goals thus generating steady cash flow and thus in turn providing us with essential safety during periods of extreme economic downturns.