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World’s Largest Options Exchange Lists Bitcoin, Bitcoin Propelling to go Mainstream

Bitcoin has propelled itself to go mainstream, which majority of such implementation to take place in the next few years. However Bitcoin's futures have already been implemented with Chicago Board Option Exchanged (CBOE) launching their futures exchange last week. There is more good news this week for Bitcoin futures with [...]

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Is Bitcoin a “Speculative Asset”?

Out of all the criticisms the Bitcoin has faced, the most popular criticism that we usually see is with regards to the Bitcoin being called a "speculative bubble" that is "waiting to burst". Despite these rumors being around for years and such rumors and doomsday scenarios time and time [...]

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Bittrex Leaked Documents: Pumps and Dumps, Sharing Private Data and Withholding Funds

Recently Bitcoin exchanges and even mining marketplaces have come under scrutiny due to Bitcoin's being hacked with one recent example being NiceHash which is a Bitcoin mining marketplace that lost nearly $64,000,000 worth of Bitcoins in a hack over a week ago. Such concerns have fueled speculation into how safe [...]

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Bitcoin Futures and Their Implications

Bitcoin critics and enthusiasts have both had a lot to say in terms of their opinion with regards to Bitcoin futures being launched by Cboe and CME. Enthusiasts have proclaimed future contracts will transform the Bitcoin by placing it on a fast track lane to full adaptation by financial institutes [...]

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Will Bitcoin Fork Again?

SegWit2x is a solution to increase transaction capabilities, block size capacity and to address a number of issues the Bitcoin faces as it goes more and more mainstream, to learn more click this link for all the information - So let's get to it! The pros and cons [...]

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Japan Leading the Way for Bitcoin

Japan has come a long way ever since the Mt. Gox scandal that took place in 2014, Mt. Gox was one of the biggest exchanges at that time holding roughly 850,000 Bitcoin's at that time, worth approximately $11,900,000,000 today went missing from the exchange, allegedly due to a hack but [...]

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J.P. Morgan Flips Once Again, Backs Bitcoin as Gold

Bitcoin has had its fair share of critics but quite possibly the most well known and stern critic has been Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan who called the coin an outright "fraud" and labeled as being worse than the tulip crisis when the price of tulips increased a few [...]

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Recap of IOTA so Far

Digital currencies have had a marvelous year in 2017 with Bitcoin being one of the biggest winners rising by more than a 1000% this year alone. Bitcoin's success is largely due to the fact it has actual real life uses and applications, in particular it is used as a safe [...]

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