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Bitcoin is $10,000. 2017 Recap.

History of 2017 prices Bitcoin started off this year with the price of just under $1,000 with January being a very uncertain time for the Bitcoin due to the lack of adaptation of the Bitcoin by financial institutes. Governments added fuel to the fire by voicing negative opinions about a [...]

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Belarus Maybe the Latest Nation to Deregulate the Bitcoin

Despite earlier this year, China which is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies markets in World announced regulations against cryptocurrencies which sent shockwaves around the cryptocurrency World and lead to Bitcoin pessimists crawling out of their caves and showing their ugly heads once more which in turn caused the price to [...]

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JPMorgan’s CEO Dimon Exploring Bitcoin Investment Opportunities

JP Morgan's CEO Jamie Dimon was one of Bitcoins most prominent and powerful critics, with him going as far as predicting a Bitcoin collapse, from calling it a bubble to an outright fraud and threatened to fire anyone who deals and handles Bitcoins. However now according to the Wall Street [...]

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Why You Should Boycott

Background is a website that is controlled and owned unsurprisingly by Roger Ver who has launched a campaign to replace the Bitcoin with Bitcoin cash, despite the vast majority of the Bitcoin community not getting behind the idea of the Bitcoin cash replacing the Bitcoin. It hasn't stpped Roger [...]

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Bitcoin End of Year Predictions and Future Outlook

Introduction Bitcoin investors have a lot more reasons to celebrate the new year, with the price of the Bitcoin reaching $8100 as of now and continuing to rise, which has prompted investors eyeing $10,000 by the end of the year or at latest early next year. It appears Bitcoin cash's [...]

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NEO Set to Explode This Week; Chinese Authorities May Allow ICO’s Based on NEO

Background As the China Government regulations take hold in the cryptocurrency World, largely fueled by the outrage of lack of consumer protection measures which has led to criminals trying to take advantage, from fraudulent investment schemes to pyramid schemes and numerous other financial crimes. Such crimes have been largely fueled [...]

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BTC $7900; BCH Sub $1000

Background As the drama appears to be coming to a close with the Bitcoin strongly and firmly in bullish territory and almost completely recovering to its original price. The drama started when the SegWit2x fork was cancelled which fueled a massive misinformation campaign from China banning Bitcoin mining to the [...]

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Bitcoin Price Analysis — November 16th

Introduction As the current drama comes to a close and with the plan to replace the Bitcoin not going as planned by the plotters. One has to wonder exactly where the Bitcoin will end up next in terms of price? Well, with the Bitcoin cash rally losing bullish momentum and [...]

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