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Bitcoin Surpasses $6300; Weekly Analysis

The Bitcoin rocket continues to fly into U chartered territory as its volume grows, so does its price! Now that it has reached the $6300+ mark and with no signs of stopping, many are left wondering when the Bitcoin will makes its next pit stop. This is despite the [...]

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Is Bitcoin a Tool for Crime?

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that provides its users with not only convenient and speedy transactions but also provides something almost all other forms of currency can not provide and that is anonymity. Which along with its use of blockchain technology is what makes the Bitcoin so popular. [...]

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The Upcoming BTC Rollercoaster

It appears Bitcoin may go through a "roller coaster" phase with high volatility likely coming up. This is due to several factors, but one of the main factors are the hard forks coming up with Bitcoin Gold and Segwit2x taking center stage. In addition to this many countries have [...]

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Where Will Bitcoin Bottom Out on the Upcoming Fork?

As the hard fork approaches many are left wondering what impact it will have on the Bitcoin, either long term or short term? The answer isn't simple and straight forward and there are many different scenarios at play that may impact the Bitcoin and its price in the short [...]

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Common Sense and the Bitcoin

Despite Russia gearing up for its own regulations on ICO's and cryptocurrencies, its first deputy foreign minister Igor Shuvalov has promised not to let regulations seriously impact ICO's and still enable them to function within the country. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has also stated that ICO's hold a lot [...]

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Australia Kills Crypto’s Double Tax

Back in December 2014, Australian law stated Bitcoin is an "intangible property" and thus was taxed twice, once by goods and services tax and also taxed due to the digital currency being used in an transaction. So essentially those who traded or invested in Bitcoins were taxed twice. Despite [...]

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Goldman Sach’s maybe leaving the Stone Age

Its not log ago that the Bitcoin market constantly faced negative news and bashing by major financial institutes, calling it a "bubble" predicting the "imminent collapse" a hundred or so times over and over again. But the so called imminent collapse was as imminent as the World ending in [...]

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Borat (Kazakhstan) Getting his own Cryptocurrency

Kazakhstan is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency backed by its own national currency. Kazakhstan has partnered with Exante to product and launch the currency which will be backed by the counties own national currency using Exante's Stasis platform. Exante based in Malta is an investment company which has [...]

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Bitcoin moves from China to friendlier territories

As China regulations take hold, the United States Dollar, Japanese Yen and Korean Won now account for approximately 90% of Bitcoin trading on exchangesand the Chinese Yuan only accounting for about 1% of the Bitcoins traded, compared to before the regulations when it accounted for about 13% of the [...]

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Dealing with the Bitcoin Forks

Background Information The Bitcoin network is planning to undergo to forks at this point in time, one of the forks is called Bitcoin Gold which is due to take place on October 25th but will most likely go live early November and the other one is called Segwit2x which [...]

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